Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh yes lets induce at 39wks

because you might go to fast!! What on earth! A woman on a board I frequent recently posted that her doctor is concerned that her labor is going to go to fast. Her first was 5 hours and she doesn't want her "stuck in traffic having a baby". So instead lets pump you up with artificial chemicals, increase your risk of c-section, uterine rupture, maternal infection. Let's reduce your pain coping mechanisms and your bodies natural hormone flow all so we don't risk the baby coming without us being ready.
And the response... Oh my goodness!
My boss was in the hospital hallway when she nearly gave birth to her third son...she was going thru labor so fast they couldn't even give her an epidural and were telling her NOT to push because they weren't prepared to catch the baby!!! So I think she must know what she's talking about!

We live almost 2 hours from the hospital, so a friend of ours had hers induced at 39.5 weeks and had her second baby after 2 hours. It went so fast! It's definitely something to consider, so it's good you have lots of time!
yes let's bring our babies into the world as early as possible!! Who cares if they are ready or not! I'm just blown away at the naivete of some of these women and their apparent lack of desire to educate themselves. Yes I was naive once too, but I did everything I could to educate myself!
I really just want to cry, these poor women will never know the empowerment that birth can be! They'll never know how strong their body really is and how awesome the whole biological dance is.


Monday, November 14, 2005

No brainer

Well it started as any other day, nauseus beyond words and to top it off it seems that I strained my abdominal muscles so I'm staying in bed on my side so the water bed can support my belly. What is a girl to do when she's in bed all day other than surf the web? So I'm on this pregnancy board, it's very mainstream, and they have a formula feeders area. I knew I shouldn't have looked, but I was curious. So I'm looking around and most stuff is pretty benine when I come across this post
My son is 6 weeks old and I have been bf him the entire time..I did try to supplement with similac and soy while waiting for my milk supply to come in and he projectile vomited both times with the formula. So my milk supply came in and he does fine nursing except he has really bad gas which I think he may have allergies because my daughter displayed the same behaviors (very fussy, gassy, crying all the time) wants to nurse every hour. I have eliminated diary out of my diet and he seems to do better but still fussy and he has been this way since its not colic. I did think he had reflux because he has wet burps but he never spits up on my breast milk. So the ped but him on 1ml of Zantac twice a day.

I am sooo tired and I really hate bf at this point..he is doing well..he is 14 lbs. So I decided to switch him to formula this week. OMG, it was horrible. I started with Alimentum because that is what my daughter took and thrived on it starting at 7 weeks and because of his similar allergies. He took 3 ounces and fell asleep..I was so excited. He woke up an hour later and took 4 ounces and then the projectile vomiting began and did not stop until 8pm (tried giving him soy to and he would throw that up the minute I tried to burp him) that night when I finally gave him my breast milk and he stopped instantly and nursed fine the rest of the evening with no vomiting.

So I called my ped and they said it could take 3 days for his body to adjust to the formula..I can not have my child vomiting for 3 days..he was throwing up everything.. and he stopped wetting his diapers. They to try another hypoallergic formula but I am so scared because of the vomiting.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I know I have read a few posts about mixing formula with the breast long did you do this before they took a baby of just formula? I don't think it is his reflux because he doesn't vomit my breast milk..he is just fussy on my breast milk or could the formula make his reflux worse?

Please help!!

WHAT THE HELL!!! It took everything I had within me to keep from posting what I'm about to write here... I didn't post it, because I seriously doubt it would do any good.
Why would you subject your baby to that kind of torture because you are tired of breastfeeding? What kind of self person does that? I mean how many people would voluntarily eat something everyday that they know is going to cause horrid vomiting and dehydration?
I'm just flabbergasted that someone would even need to post about that? I mean, HELLO!, continue to breastfeed you twit!


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We have Names!!!

Alright so I've been praying for a little over a year now for twin girls, I'm still holding out hope!
If it's twin girls it'll be Bernice Eleanore and Gwenyth Elizabeth (Bea and Gea<-- isn't it cute!)
Just one girl and we'll go with Bernice Eleanore which by the way is my grandmother and hubby's grandmother's first names.
If it's a boy Harrison William will be his name. Sounds like a pretty big name huh? I hope he can live up to it.

I haven't heard anything from my family, I know my grandmother got her package. I would have thought that she'd call just to say she got it. I hate that there is so much strain in my family, I'm not even sure why my grandmother never calls and when I do call never seems to have much to talk about. I feel so out of the loop. I'm not really close to anyone anymore. How pathetic is that?! When I die my husband will be the only one that really "knows" me.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shoot me and get it over with

Man this all day sickness is getting very very old. I am on the verge of throwing up constantly. I don't want to eat anything and most drinks aren't even appealing. I'm so tired all the time and most days have a headache... Oh the joys of pregnancy... all this misery is making me short with the kids which just adds to my feelings of horribleness.
I suppose I should count myself lucky I don't have hypermesis, although I feel like one good tossing of the cookies would help so much.

I've also developed a strange odor... I smell metallic, like my sweat smells like metal. I know you're probably asking yourself "what does metal smell like" well trust me it has a smell.

My in-laws got the cards, and totally didn't get it. Oh well we walked them through it and they seemed genuinely happy for us. My sister-in-law hasn't picked hers up from the post office yet.