Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day

I went to a little mini-conference put on by the Heartland Midwives Association. It was nice, I had a good time just chatting with other women about birth and babies. It's so uplifting to be able to candidly share your feelings about pregnancy, labor, and birth and not be looked at like a crazy person! There are times I feel so alone on this path it's nice to connect...
We went to the spaghetti factory afterward and it was so much fun! I laughed so hard!! Sarah and Ann are just like me humor-wise. It was great and I'm so glad I went. I learned that Damiana may help with the PPD. I want to look into a bit more but I think I'd like to hang out with Margaret and Aileen to learn more about herbs.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006


So my darling husband has convinced me I need to start podcasting. I tend to come across articles and such and tend to rant/discuss them with him, or rather at him, so perhaps that's his motivation for the suggestion. At any rate I'm going to do it, but I'm a bit nervous. I mean what if I sound dorky? I know you don't hear yourself the same way others do but I'm a little nervous, I don't think I sound that great on the answering machine, is that any indication of how I'll sound on the computer? haha
So I suppose my first cast should be about me, what I stand for and what the casts will be about, which I imagine will be primarily pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding, being a student midwife and occasionally the crazy life I lead as a homeschooling mother of 6. But after that??? hmm... must figure out something... and a schedule! How frequently should I do this? Do I need a schedule? Would people be more inclined to listen if it was a regular program?