Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Teaching Gender Bending in schools??!!

World Net Daily
This just blows my mind! What exactly do these schools think they are accomplishing by promoting cross-dressing? How can this be at all beneficial for the kids? I just don't understand... I'm glad to see an outraged response from parents but something more public would have been good.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Jan

One Birth, One Woman at a Time I was reading this article, it's one I chose to comment on for my studies with AAMI I was inspired, Jan is such a wise woman, full of inspiration and support. This article is a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do. I’ve recently had a string of “bad” births, epidural and vacuum assist, 2 c-sections, and my preceptor had to call child protective services on a mother who refused to take her failure to thrive baby into the hospital. With all this I sat back and wondered what am I doing? What’s the point? But as Jan pointed out, I have changed people’s lives, even these women who had less than ideal circumstances, their lives, their ideas about birth were changed. Their family’s ideas were changed and I even think I made an impression on a nurse or two.
It’s hard to keep going when you feel like you’re stumbling along. But I look up from the dirt I’ve fallen into and I see the light in a woman’s eyes who sees something new, who has hope for something better and I have strength to pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with my work. This is the work God has for me, I often feel like He’s trusted me with too much, I can’t possibly live up to it, and then I’m reminded I don’t have to do it alone, I have all my sisters in birth working along side me. Together we can create a better world for the motherbaby dyad.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What am I doing here anyway?

I got a call Wednesday about noon, my client was on her way to the hospital. She'd been contracting most of the night, though no recognizable patterns and she felt she wanted to be checked, her water broke just before she called me. I met her at Comanche County around 1:30. They had been checked in, she had her hep lock and had been checked. She was 5cm and 100% effaced. I really expected this to go pretty quick. Her doctor was sick so we were left with the back up, Dr Leep, who's bedside manor is equivalent to a drill sergeant at boot camp. She made no requests or suggestions, but demands and expectations. She let my client know right away that she was on a clock and she needed to get going on having the baby or she would be sectioned.

We walked, squatted and climbed stairs the next several hours through many contractions. S did a fantastic job, I was so impressed with how well she worked through each contraction, never really anticipating the next or getting ahead of herself. She did great. So when the nurse announced her complete at 10:30 I thought "great!! we'll have a baby in no time". Around 11:00 the nurse found some late decels and suggested more active pushing. S pushed for 2 hours when Dr Leep came in and said she was 6cm! I find this so hard to believe, I mean the nurse had her fingers in there directing her where to push, how could she not have felt her swell?? The Dr suggested an epidural and pitocin. S had asked for pitocin, hoping that it would pick her contractions up and give her more to push with. She tried the pitocin without the epidural and she just couldn't not push. She was tired, had been laboring for 24 or more hours and I think the mental blow of backing up to 6cm was more than she could take, she requested a c-section.

A healthy baby girl was born at 5:02 am Thursday November 8th at 41wks 1day weighing 6lb 14oz.

I cried when I went to get the nurse after S asked for the section. I feel like I somehow failed them, like I didn't provide them with enough support, or something. I wondered why I am doing this. My goal has always been to provide women with the knowledge they need to make decisions, to support families through the process of labor and to change the perceptions and status quo of labor and birth. I don't feel like I'm making any change, in fact I feel like maybe I'm making things worse. How can I affect change when my moms keep getting all these interventions? What am I doing here anyway?

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Friday, November 02, 2007

This is a test........ a test of the midwife family system

It all started Tuesday morning around 2:00 am (yes I was still awake) when I discovered my 3yr had a fever, about 102. I went back to bed and got up around 7:15, I needed to leave by 8 to get to clinic in time. Shortly before leaving I realized my 5yr was also running a fever. I looked at my husband and said "sorry", he smiled and assured me it would be fine.
Clinic went well, everyone was running a bit early. Around, 4:00 D called and said she was having contractions 3 mins apart. I thought this was great! I wouldn't have to make the drive back up, how convenient. Well, D was only a 2 but convinced something was going on, they went to walk the mall and I went to get some errands ran. Around 10 they decided not much was going on and they were going to go home. I decided I was tired and had some work I needed to catch up on, so rather than make the drive down I'd just stay the night at the center. I got to bed around 1am and even though my alarm went off at 8 I didn't get up till 10. By the time I got cleaned up and food I needed to head down to Lawton for my doula client. I was to go with her to meet her doctor and discuss induction. Her appointment ended up being 2 hours because the doctor wanted a stress test done. Half way through her appointment Margarrett called to let me know D's water broke. So after I finished with my client I called home and asked my husband if he was sure that midwifery was the path I as supposed to be on. LOL After letting him know I would be in the city most of the night he told me to have fun. He also informed me that all six of the kids were now sick and he was too.
I get up to the birth center just a few minutes before D & K. They get in and get settled and I could tell we were in for a long night. D says her contractions are really close and really intense but after talking with her for 20 mins. I didn't notice a single contraction. I called Anne to let her know they were here and she asked to call if anything changed but otherwise she'd be there in a bit, (she really wanted to take her kids trick or treating)An hour or so later D mentions a slightly green discharge, she's still not having contractions. Her pressure was up slightly and she was spilling a tad of protein. I called Anne to update her and she got there about an hour later. D had fresh mec and still no contractions. We discussed options and choose to go with herbal and homeopathic inducers, monitor the baby (who had great tones), the mec and mom's temp. Everything went great and we eventually got a good labor pattern established. A tiny baby boy was born at 2:49 am. Much earlier than I anticipated! His actual birth was amazingly quick, there was a silver dollar amount of head visible and I was trying to give Anne gel for perineum support when all of a sudden there was baby! He literally just flew out!

Baby had some retractions and some grunting, Anne gave him oxygen (though his color was great) and it reduced considerably in the next hour.(For more info on this look up Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn). Mom also seemed to have a little trouble, she was getting big clots that she was having trouble expelling and it was really hurting her back. When we finally got her up she was light headed and felt faint in the bathroom. Amazingly she only had two little tears.

Baby boy weighed in at 5lbs exactly, he had a few markers of being post dates and few of being early. He looked premature and had very little fat on him, but mom had spent her whole pregnancy vomiting so it's not entirely surprising.

Everyone left around 6 and I went to bed, fitfully sleeping till 11ish. I woke up nauseous, I think Anne's kids may have passed on their virus. So after, showering getting food, cleaning up and running to the store for things we needed at home I got back to the house Thursday evening about 6pm. I went to bed at 7 and got up Friday at noon. The house wasn't even much of a mess and the kids were all still alive. So I guess we (as a family) can do this. If they can get along fine with everyone being sick and mom gone for 3 days in a row, I think we passed the test.