Tuesday, April 27, 2010

children are not accessories, they are responsibilities

I heard Ina May Gaskin speak this weekend and one thing she said really stuck with me: "The feminist movement left mothers behind". The essence of this comment is that mothering wasn't good enough for the feminist movement and I think it's something that women in our society are still struggling with. I spoke with a wonderful young woman, a mother to one son, this weekend who said she struggles with "not contributing to the household". WHAT!?! not contributing?! A mother's contribution is so far beyond what is in the bank account. A mother touches the lives of her children forever. The contribution she makes goes beyond paying the mortgage or buying groceries it will affect the next several generations. Her sons will learn how to treat their wives, her daughters how to comfort a baby. Yes father's touch their children in very special ways, but it's a mother who typically spends the most time with the children. It is the mother who has the most opportunities to guide, influence and direct her children. This influence is immeasurable, and it's sadly lacking in our society.
I believe that the problems of our time can be boiled down to one deficit, mothers not mothering their children. The second major deficit would be society not valuing the job of mother. I would really like to know how the feminist movement got from securing votes for women (a very admirable and worthy cause) to women trying to be equal to men. Why do women want to be like men? Men can't create new life, they will never know the power that comes from birthing a child, and men can't nourish that child at their breast. Frankly men are seriously missing out, it should be them wanting to be more like women!
I wish every woman in our society could embrace the role of mother as the highest calling and support each other in the endeavor to stay home and truly mother our children.