Saturday, July 31, 2010

Recovering from Gallbladder Surgery

Well I got the surgeon consult moved up to the 21st. The surgeon did a good job of going over all the risks, and possible complications of surgery. After discussing my symptoms and the fact that I was taking percocet or loritab several times a day he squeezed me into his Friday schedule. This was both relief and anxiety. Relief that I may finally be out of pain but anxiety that I would likely miss a birth or possibly two (I did miss one) and less time for us to gather the necessary funds to pay for the procedure.
So blood work and nothing by mouth after midnight and we headed to the hospital early Friday morning, much earlier than I'm used to getting up! Nathan dropped me off so I could get prepped then he took the kids up to Anna's. I tell ya' that girl is a life saver. We are so greatful she agreed to take the kids. I really needed Nathan after the surgery even in the hospital.
I still haven't talked to the surgeon, though Nathan did while I was still under. Everything went fine, the stones are huge and they had to enlarge one incision just to get them out.
Recovery has been harder than expected. Today is day 8 since the surgery and I'm still struggling. My abdominal muscles don't ache any longer and I can sit up on my own again, but I'm still weak and tired. I've nearly passed out twice, both times when I was on my feet for more than 5 mins. I struggle with anemia most of the time and I've chaulked it up to that, but in looking around the web it seems that a good deal of people have that drugged out, worn down, ran over feeling for several weeks to months after the surgery. None the less, I'm still working on building up my blood through floradix, grape juice, spinach and dark chocolate. I also had some fluid build up around the navel incision, it's gone down, though not all the way. It's also hard and where I have the most pain. All the incision sites itch now and I can't wait to remove the surgi strips.
Here is an interesting computer generated video of a Cholecystectomy

I still haven't had a cheeseburger, but I've had lots of cheese :)


Blogger Carie said...

My comment is on the video: "Nice!" oh and hope your feeling much better. :)

September 09, 2010 12:24 AM  

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