Monday, October 24, 2005

Motion Sickness?

Do you suppose one can get motion sickness on the 12 foot walk from the couch to the laundry room?


Are you sure?

Guess this means the nausea has officially set in. Thankfully it seems to be mostly an evening thing, which means my wonderful, ever loving and supportive husband will be home to cook dinner and chase kids. I felt sick in the car last night which is a sure sign for me. I really dislike this nausea business. I mean, why can't I just puke and get it done with!? Instead of hours and hours of feeling like I'm on the verge of prayer to the porcelain god but never quite getting there. It's even hard to drink water, which I'm really not drinking enough. The lemon drops seem to be helping, and hubby is bringing me sprite which usually helps, this coupled with Ritz crackers is likely to be my main dietary regime for the next few weeks.
It's things like this that make me wonder how women have healthy babies at all!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Carter's World

Carter's World

How totally cute is this? I think it's just adorable how it's written from his perspective. I might have to copy this idea.


my low carb journey

my low carb journey
Have you seen this Mama? she's amazing! I think it's great how with some simple changes she's really losing the weight!


Gas Increase

You know back in the day, before I had any children, I didn't pay any attention to gas, really I never noticed it.
Well I assume this is gas anyway, no not the type at the pumps, the type that gives me little bumps and gurgles low in my abdomen. The type that makes any woman who has previously been pregnant hesitate for a moment at whether that is gas or a baby moving about. Considering it's about 6 weeks to early for movement, I'm guessing it's gas. But it's been going on the last few days and every single time I stop and wonder for just a moment.... and of course my hopes of twins increase. 'Cause you know early movement is a sign.

I'm still only occasionally feeling sick. In all of my pregnancies I've never thrown up (knock wood) but I do sometimes get horribly nauseous to the point I really want to toss my cookies in hopes that it will at the very least give me some relief. It's never happened, so I usually sit around and moan about how aweful I feel and how nothing sounds good to eat.

I've been buying maternity clothes like a mad woman, do you have ANY idea how many maternity clothing listings there are on Ebay? approximately 18000! I don't really need maternity clothes but dang I feel like I have to do something to celebrate this new little one!
Anyone have any ideas on none expensive ways I could do that? I'm sure my hubby would appreciate it!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

4 weeks into a 6 pack

and so the journey begins...

Nope not a 6 pack of alcoholic beverage, though some might think I need that right about now! No, a 6 pack of little munchkins. I found out October 10th that I am pregnant with our sixth child. I told my darling husband by pasting a picture of each of our 5 kids on a bottle of root beer (this just happens to be his favorite soda) and then on the 6th bottle I placed a question mark. I returned from the grocery store and as usual he helped unload and put away the groceries. When he came to the 6 pack he said thank you and asked if it was a bribe because I spent so much. Good idea, but nope not this time! All the groceries were put away, he put two bottles of root beer in the fridge, not noticing the pictures on them. So I asked if he wanted a glass now, he decides he might. So he opens a bottle, this would be the third bottle he's handled at this point. He still doesn't notice... I'm ready to burst by now. I've suspected for several days and new for sure since early this morning and now he can't even be observant enough to notice my little puzzle. I don't do well keeping secrets and this is just killing me.
So I try to busy myself in the kitchen, he starts cooking dinner. He looks at me and asks "what's up?" (remember I'm horrible at keeping secrets) I tell him nothing and he of course doesn't believe me "no, you look guilty"
"guilty? what would I be guilty of?"
"I don't know, but I think you're up to something"
"Let's just say you're completely un-observant"
"you've missed something pretty big"
He begins looking in the sacks that have yet to be unpacked (none of them grocery items)
I say "It's in plain sight"
"plain sight?"
he continues to look through bags
"more plain sight than inside a bag"
he thinks about that for a moment and asks "did I bring it in with the groceries?"
"yes, as a matter of fact you're the one that carried that specific bag."
he starts looking in bags again
"I said it was in more plain sight than inside a bag"
he then looks IN the six pack box.... still does not see the pictures. By the way he's picked up the one bottle he opened three times already and still has not noticed a 3x2 picture on the outside of an otherwise plain bottle.
I tell him "you just missed it" he's still confused looks over in the general area of the six pack again then, finally picks up a bottle and looks at the side! What do you know, he sees a picture.
His response "oh how cute" Uh hello!! earth to husband! do you think I had nothing better to do than put pictures on the outside of soda bottles today and did it totally for the cuteness factor?!
So I reach into the fridge and pull out the other two bottles, holding each one up and naming the child on the bottle, after all five I ask if he sees a pattern. He's still puzzled and begins trying to remove the question mark on the sixth bottle. I suppose he thought there was a prize under it or something, who really knows what was going through his mind. So I once again went through the kids C, D, E, A, F, and..... AHA!! He finally made the connection! All I could do at this point was laugh. He looked at me with a smile and look of shock and said "are you serious?" when I replied I was all he could say was "wow". Of course he was grinning from ear to ear and we were both laughing at this point.
We told the children by having F, the youngest, wear a "I'm going to be a big brother" t-shirt. It took a little while for my oldest C (10) to get it and his first comment was "not another boy" ah yes the joy of having another sibling is evident!
My only daughter D (7) keeps talking about her sisterS (yes more than one) we are praying for twin girls. I think it would be great!
We haven't told his parents or anyone on my family just yet. I'm sure my family won't have anything positive to say but we'll see.
We plan to tell his parents by sending a card from each of the kids with a sixth one that says "Love you Lots, see you in June, Love Bitty Baby" and his sister will get a T-shirt that says "Six little rugrats call me Aunt Chat"