Sunday, July 30, 2006


On a list I'm on we're discussing the pros and cons of licensing midwives. In my state there is currently legislation in the house to require all midwives to be CPM's. The "rules" that it has laid out currently aren't too bad, but it gives power to the health department. Anyway I don't want to pick apart my current states legislation... I want to talk about legislation in general.

I don't honestly see too many pros. In fact that one that keeps getting brought up is that parents then know that their care provider is practicing within certain parameters and she's achieved certain standards in her education. My thoughts is "why is it the states responsibility to do this research for parents?" As a parent isn't it my job to research care providers? Find out their credentials, seek out references, and if there is a local group (not a governing body but a peer review group) be sure they are in good standing with that group. Isn't it my job to make sure that I am getting the care I need. Why does so many people think it's the states responsibility? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Okay this rant is going in a different direction so let's try to get back on topic.

Cons to licensure... there are many! One midwife posted that she believed in the state of Florida a midwife can not assist a woman with a hemoglobin below 9. Now I understand the thinking behind this, there is some thought that a low hemoglobin increases your chance of hemorrhage. BUT! what about women like me who barely are 9 when they're not pregnant! I generally deliver around 7 and where as I've had slightly heavier bleeds certainly not anything that should prevent me from a homebirth because this is MY range of normal. Now some midwives wouldn't be comfortable assisting me and that's okay, but many wouldn't mind especially when looking at my history. Licensure takes away the right of the woman to choose to take that risk and the right of the midwife to choose to take that risk. Now the state has determined that neither the midwife nor the woman are capable of determining what is an acceptable risk. And that my friends is my biggest issue with licensure, that the state takes away a mother's right to self determine care and a midwife's abilitly to practice in a way she is comfortable with.


Friday, July 28, 2006

6 degrees

So what's the proper blogtiquette on snagging something off a blog??
no clue so I'll do it my way...
I enjoy the wit and humor of doulica and today I caught her 6 degrees post the rules of which are here

So after a couple of tries of only getting to 4 I finally ended up here
I like how she writes about ordinary things and yet they seem all nice and poetry-like... Interesting

on my wanderings I found a blog that was very inspiring Babycatcher her post "Ripples and Waves" made me think about what ripples I'm causing. Lately it feels like my pond is frozen over and I'll never make a difference. My husband is good at reminding me of the little ways I've touched the world. He really is awesome even if I have to change 10x's more diapers than he does.


My darling little boy

I just have to point everyone to the blog of our photographer who requested my baby model for her.
Abigail Smith Photography
She is an amazing kid. I use "kid" lightly, she's 17, and very mature and takes fabulous pictures. She has a heart of gold and really lives a life after Christ. I'm so glad she's in our lives and a role model for my daughter.


Monday, July 24, 2006


business cards
promo products
give aways

I've been invited to participate at two booths in September. My head is spinning! I don't know where I'm going to come up with the cash to pay for all the printing I need done to promote myself. How do people do it? I really don't want to deal with the business side of this, really I just want to catch babies, help women and educate the public. I couldn't care less about 4 color printing. I am excited though to have the opportunity to talk to women about what I do.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

There's no turning back now

Your application has been accepted. Your File # is 1881

This was in my mail box this morning.

I cried.

I don't know why exactly but I'm sure some of it is that I never really thought I would be starting this path at least not until waaaayyyyy into the future. I'm sure part of it is also the fact that I'm slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of going to school for the next 6-7yrs and then there is the idea that if I fail or don't finish we've wasted a bunch of money.

Is it insane to say that I'm afraid of success. I mean we all want to be successful right? And what's the point of doing something if not to succeed at it? Of succeeding also means responsiblity and expectations. Am I ready for those? Can I meet the expectations of those around me? Of other midwives? Dare I even put myself in that catergory of student midwife?

Nathan of course has every confidence. He's certain I have all the knowledge and ability I'll ever need and I'll sail right through this. His biggest concern is that the school will go belly up and we'll be out our money and my education will have to start over. Gotta love him! I feel so lucky to have a husband that is so amazingly supportive. He's awesome!

Well I decided I would start with the Introduction to Midwifery Studies. I'm hoping this will boost my Doula business a bit so it can start supporting it's self and maybe, hopefully someday contribute to the family budget.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

High Noon

Today at noon my darling husband signs the paperwork securing the loan for my schooling!
That's right folks as of this afternoon I will be enrolled in the Advanced Midwifery Studies through Ancient Art Midwifery.
It's a huge step and I'm scared silly. This is a good chunk of change to plop down on something that is going to take several years for me to complete and what if I don't complete it? What if I can't find a preceptor? What if I can't practice when I am done? What if...? What if..??
Nathan keeps telling me not to think like that. That it's obvious this is the path God wants me on and that He'll work out the details. I'm still a bit worried though.
I'm pretty excited too! I plan to officall start Sept.15th. This will hopefully give me time to have the kids on a regular school schedule and Harris will hopefully have settled down into a sleep/eat routine so I can figure out a regular time I can study.

I'm adding "Great Starts 4" onto my package which adds another 3 years onto enrollment! So I'm looking at 7yrs if I don't do any extensions. But I'm hoping it'll give me a good rounded academic view and I don't have to wait till I graduate to take the NARM exam which means I could start catching babies before then.

And thus the first footstep on the path.....


Monday, July 17, 2006

Harrison William

Harrison William Anderson
June 18th 2006 7:16 a.m., Sunday; Father’s day.
Weighing 8lbs 8oz., 21.5 inches long with a head and chest measurement of 14 inches.

After five births that came between 36 and 38 weeks I had no reason to suspect I would get to 39 weeks and 6 days with my the sixth. I started bed rest at 30 weeks like I usually do and by 37 weeks I was tired and very uncomfortable. When 38 weeks came and went I was beginning to feel depressed and anxious. By 39 weeks I wondered if I should start to worry. Nathan joked that I was intentionally waiting for Father’s day so he wouldn’t get his “day of rest”. I guess he really is prophetic.

I had occasional visions of this birth trough out my pregnancy. They were just small glimpses, nothing that seemed real insightful. Things like the birds singing and the sun rising and even the way Nathan supported me, but they all where there when the time came. I hope this signifies my connection with my body, though I can’t say I felt terribly in tune this time. I did have this deep unexplainable fear that I wouldn’t be able to handle labor. For some reason I thought it would be very long and difficult. I’ve always had short easy labors, so I really don’t know where this fear came from.

Saturday night we went to bed about one a.m. I told Nathan it would be ideal to have the baby in the middle of the night while everyone slept. As I was going to sleep I thought three a.m. would be a good time to get up and tat I’d love to watch the sunrise as I labored.

I woke up at 2:53 a.m. with a strong contraction. I didn’t get excited as this was pretty common at this point. I waited for it to end and went to the bathroom and then back to bed. As I dozed I got another contraction. I started praying that this was it, that God would have mercy on my body and that the children would sleep through it. I continued to have contractions; I would pray through them and doze between them. I was having sharp pains in my pubic bone, but thankfully no back labor.

Just shy of five a.m. my water broke. This came as quite a surprise as this usually happens right before I’m ready to push. My contractions had been regular but mild and fairly spaced out so I wasn’t expecting to be ready to push yet.

I woke Nathan and quickly got off the bed. I didn’t want the bed to get wet because Fenton was still asleep in it. Nathan got a chux pad for me and helped me off with my pants. It felt good to stand and there was less pubic pain, but the contractions seemed to space out, although I had never timed them. My legs soon got tired and I asked for a chair. The contractions were a little more intense sitting but not bad. They still seemed very spaced out and I was a little concerned we would be there awhile. Nathan turned on some classical music and lit the candles. The back door was open so there was a slight breeze and the house was silent, it was all very peaceful. As the birds awoke I asked Nathan to turn off the music so I could hear them.

The contractions started picking up and I was getting more pubic pain. At some point I pushed the chair away and tried to find a comfortable position on the floor. I was really tired and waned to sleep between contractions. I noticed the sun was coming up and how beautiful the sky looked, but I worried that the children would be awake before the baby came and when I needed Nathan most. I had been praying with every contraction for mercy, courage and strength and now I added that the kids would sleep until the baby was here.

The contractions quickly picked up as did the pubic pain. Nathan sat behind me so I could lean against him; it felt good to share this space. I think transition hit about this time as I felt just one continuous peak and immense pubic pain as well as some low back pain. It was very intense, I found myself wanting to escape rather than embracing it. The sharp pubic pain was new for me and I think it caused me to worry which hindered my ability to let go and go with it. I squeezed Nathan’s hand and tried to breathe and vocalize. That’s when CJ knocked at our door wondering what was going on. He was obviously frightened.

There were two of those long contractions and then I went forward and laid on my side exclaiming that he was stuck. After another long contraction I asked Nathan to help me to my knees. The pack-n-play was directly in front of me and resting my arms on it I was able to keep body upright but still resting against something. I had another contraction, though with this one there was little pubic pain and I felt him enter the birth canal. I began vocalizing quite loudly and when I heard Nathan “shhhing” I was ready to smack him, but Fenton was waking and it was him he was “shhhing” I then felt the need to push. I rested back onto my bent legs and pushed twice before I felt the head begin to crown. One more very strong push and the head was out, oh what a relief! Nathan was trying to see but there wasn’t really any way for him to. He was also trying to make sure Fenton didn’t get scared. I had a moment to breathe and then felt the need to push with all my might. I really wanted to grab my baby and guide him out but I was pushing with such force that my fists were clenched and I couldn’t relax my hands enough to hold him so I let him slip out onto the chux pad directly below as I scooted back to make room. I sat there for a moment and stared in wonder at the life that just came from me. Then I picked him up and asked for a towel. He sputtered and let out a cry; I wiped off his face and held him to my chest. The sun was up, and the birds were singing and I thanked God for this awesome opportunity to participate in His creation.

I asked Fenton, who was laying in the bed watching, if he wanted to see the baby, he shook his head yes and came over with eyes wide with wonder. We then invited CJ in who asked what it was so I had him look. Then each child woke up and came in one by one. We all sat in silence for a moment, just a moment, and just looked at our newest family member.

The placenta came quickly afterward along with a large puddle of blood. I tied and cut the cord and Nathan held him and got me the Shepard’s purse. I took one dropper full, and then headed to the shower where I took a second. I got cleaned up and into bed and took a third. I was shaking a lot and wondered if it was related to the amount of blood I had lost. I got Harrison latched on and contemplated at what point I would tell Nathan we needed to transfer. Harrison nursed wonderfully and when I checked a half hour later I was satisfied that the bleeding had slowed significantly and the need to worry had passed. Nathan got everything cleaned up and I set about inspecting our newest little blessing.