Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well I did the cleanse, twice and then had another ultrasound. The "twins" are still there and they're trying to make more friends. Not what I was hoping to hear. The ultrasound showed no change in the stones, but now there is sludge visible and the common bile duct has enlarged. The surgeon consult is scheduled for July 28. Surgery will likely be 2wks after that. At least all the mamas due should have their babies by then.

I've lost 20lbs in the last month. Food has become the enemy. I'm in pain pretty much non-stop but it's worse if I eat. No it doesn't matter what I eat anymore. Fatty foods put the pain level through the roof, but just eating oatmeal gets it going too. So I'm not really eating, when I do eat I try to make it protein so I at least have some energy. This has been very difficult for me, I'm starving all the time, I can't sleep without drugs, I have no energy because I'm not eating and not sleeping. It even hurts to hold my kids, the slightest pressure on my stomach is excruciating. I'm taking percocet on a daily basis now. I hate taking pain medications. It makes me feel weak.

The depression set in today, the tears have been rolling all day long. I've been waiting for it, I knew it would come, it always does when I feel I don't have control of life. I'm trying hard to lean on God, but it's been difficult. This is such a physical thing and I've begged and begged for Him to relieve my pain. He hasn't and I suppose there is some reason for that, it'd help if I knew what it was.

The best thing about all of this is my kids prayers. I love hearing my babies pray for me. It warms my heart like nothing else.

I really want a cheeseburger, with bacon, and extra mayo.


Blogger Sirah Morgan said...

Oh!! Uhm, the main thing that helped my massive gallbladder issues were listening to my body and NEVER again drinking a McD's "milkshake" and eating cabbage.

Really, the cabbage is the only thing that worked.

My mom is an RN and she would make sure to help patients in the hospital who were not certain if ballbladder was the issue by the Ham-sandwich test. Avoid all pork products!

If less than half a sandwich of ham and cheese put someone back into pain she would make sure to let the doc's know that this person is a sure example of gallhladder problems. She's also had hers removed. And she loved ham'n'cheese-- a full sandwich shouldn't do that either but then it could be a sensitivity to anything on the sandwich!

July 15, 2011 8:16 PM  

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