Friday, January 05, 2007

First week of January

so how was your holidays? Mine were a little crazy. The inlaws where here and my kids went nutso as a result, but all in all it was good. Thankfully I get along with my inlaws, better than my own family as a matter of fact but there still seems to be some tensions.

So the Christmas decor is nearly down and I have yet to make any goals for 2007. I know I didn't accomplish much off my list from last year and many will still be the same for this year. But I think my biggest goal is to get a hold on my spending. We're not in debt and we manage to make ends meet and do pretty well but we're not saving what I'd like to be saving, we're also not making some purchases I'd like to be making and the big problem is I have so many interests that all require spending money and then I have a weakness for a good sale. We have a budget and I just need to stick to it. Easier said than done!



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