Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More thoughts on licensing

This link Showed up in my in box yesterday morning. Thank you Gloria ;-)
It presents an interesting point, one that I hadn't really given much thought to and that is that through licensure the state is admitting that homebirth is safe. I do think this is important but at the same time what has our society come to that we need the state government to tell us what is safe and what is not? Are we not capable of determining that ourselves?
But another point it made was that 49 of 50 states have some law regarding "practicing medicine without a license" and that without legislation to rebuttle the legislation brought about by the AMA back in the 50's (more on that later) midwives have the potential of being prosecuted all over the country. This is the general idea behind the midwives of Oklahoma supporting the bill that is currently in the house. Oklahoma has laws regarding the practice of medicine and it doesn't include midwives.

much to think on. I shall be back, I want to rant on about the ACOG's attempt to squash WI legislation and thier general stance on homebirth with CPM's but it's time to do some school with the kids!



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