Thursday, September 20, 2007

Designer Babies?

Homeschool and Etc.: Extra Toe? Mild Disease? Let's Kill the Kid!
MSNBC article
Thank you Mrs. C for bringing this story to our attention. Oddly enough it doesn't really surprise me that people are aborting babies after being told their child has a genetic disorder, even if that disorder is treatable. Our society no longer values children, they are "accessories" something to complete the picture. An imperfect one would be like a blemish on a super model!

What does surprise me is this
"The interesting thing is, as a genetic community this has been going on and we haven't looked back to see the consequences of putting these screening programs into place,"

hello??!! What in the world??? You put into place screening programs and never bother to see what is happening as a result of those programs?! Where did you get your degree? a Cracker Jack box?? I mean come on... isn't it just a normal part of science to look at the data?! As scientists weren't you even curious??!!

Before I leave you I must comment on this particular point of the article
"The question parents ask is why were they ever screened and then they are faced with a difficult dilemma," she said. "Here the problem is medically instigated."

Yes, to some point it is medically instigated, but parents need to be responsible for their own health care!! Instead of just doing as you're told ASK QUESTIONS! Ask your doctor why each and every test is being performed! Question the need of the results! Inquire about the accuracy of these tests and search your heart for the answer of what you'll do with the results.


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